The reality is that housekeepers spend a lot of unproductive time trying to eliminate unpleasant smells, mouldy smell or cigarette smell in the rooms before they are ready for the next guests to check in or before an event in the ballroom. Often a time, the housekeeper has to switch on the air-conditioning system much earlier to minimize these unpleasant smells. Why not refresh, deodorize and sterilize rooms with minimum effort and time with maximum effectiveness and efficiency using Medklinn patented Cerafusion technology producing Active Oxygen.  Elevate your guests’ experience with our full range of Medklinn solutions;

  • Large effective coverage area
  • Reduce turnaround time
  • Optimize labour cost
  • Improve guest experience

“Since the implementation in all our rooms, we are very satisfied with the results. Medklinn provides clean and fresh air in a cost-effective way.”

TeeKay Goh
Director of Sales and Marketing
ParkRoyal Serviced Suites

Some Of Our Corporate Clients