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Protected: Mark’s Food Solutions: Breaking Barriers with Ozone Water in Food Safety

By  • December 7, 2023

Welcome to Medklinn’s exciting new podcast series, where we shine a spotlight on remarkable customer success stories across diverse industries.

In our introductory episode, we delve into the collaboration between two industry leaders, Medklinn and Mark’s Food Solutions. This dynamic partnership explores innovative technological solutions, particularly focusing on the crucial aspect of food safety through the application of ozone water in the food industry.

Watch Episode 1 on the podcast video to hear on the collaboration between Medklinn and Mark’s Food Solutions!


Mark, Managing Director of Mark’s Food Solutions

Spark of Innovation: Origins of the Collaboration

The podcast kicks off with Mark, the Managing Director of Mark’s Food Solutions, sharing on the intriguing history that led to the collaboration. Inspired by the natural cleansing power of ozone during thunderstorms, Mark explores how this technology could be applied to enhance food safety. The turning point was when Medklinn’s Autoplus  sparked Mark’s interest, leading to a fruitful partnership aimed at implementing ozone into the food industry.


Transformative Power of  Ozone Water

Powered by Cerafusion™ technology, Medklinn’s ozone water system turns water into a powerful and safe disinfectant, that is capable of eliminating a broad spectrum of pathogens, including bacteria, fungus, and viruses. Daniel, the Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at Medklinn shared the historical foundation of ozone dating back to the 1800s. The FDA approval of ozone for food industry use in 2001 marks a significant milestone. The Cerafusion™ technology developed by Medklinn showcases the powerful potential of ozone water in enhancing food safety practices.


Unveiling the Remarkable Results of Ozone Water

Mark details the multifaceted improvements observed in Mark’s Food Solutions’ facility after adopting Medklinn’s ozone water system. From ensuring food safety as a top priority to addressing challenges in traditional sanitization methods, the ozone water provides a comprehensive solution. Mark highlights the ease of usage, peace of mind in operations, and cost-effectiveness, aligning with environmental sustainability goals. Ongoing studies are being conducted to uncover additional applications of ozone, including air sterilization and water treatment.


Game-Changing Advice for Future-Ready Food Businesses

Both Mark and Daniel emphasize the importance of understanding ozone water properties and its application in the food industry. They stress the collaborative nature of the initiative, encouraging other businesses to explore non-chemical solutions for enhanced environmental sustainability. Mark envisions this collaboration as a stepping stone, setting an example for other food service players to adopt sustainable technologies such as Cerafusion™, aligning with the broader direction of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives.


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