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Odour Management

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Indoor Environment

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Why Medklinn

Guaranteed Outcome

Scientifically Proven

Peace of Mind

Built to Last

Flexible Ownership

Customer Satisfaction

Guarantee Outcome

Medklinn guarantess a solution tailored to your expectations and needs. Medklinn team will conduct an on-site assessment and determine a customized solution to suit your needs and expectation to achieve the best outcome.

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Scientifically Proven

Medklinn uses scientific methods and measurements to collect data to achieve the desired outcome. These are some of the parameters

a. Total bacteria count
b. Mould and yeast count
c. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) to verify cleaning effectiveness
d. Odour measurement

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Peace of Mind

Medklinn solutions have been successfully adopted by many established and satisfied customers.

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Built To Last

Our products come with 3 years’ warranty provided the Medklinn Maintenance Programme is followed.

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Flexible Ownership

To experience the benefits of Medklinn solutions, we offer various options:

  1. Outright Purchase
  2. Conditional Sales
  3. Rental
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Customer Satisfaction

Medklinn is outcome oriented and customer centric. We conduct regular customer survey after each installation or service to ensure that our promise to our customers are met.

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“…the infection rate is very high, and it has tremendously improved after using Medklinn…the productivity has improved as well. The bad smell has also gone after using Medklinn.”

Amazing Grace Caring Home

“This has helped to reduce the use of chemicals. We also use it to wash kitchen utensils to reduce cross contamination. For general public area, we use Medklinn to wash and remove bad odours.”

Oriental Crystal Hotel
R. C. Henry, Resident Manager

“…it removes the grease and sterilizes the drainpipes. At the same time, it does not leave behind any harmful by-products or chemicals.”

Q Industries Vietnam
Adrian Chong, Executive Chef

“We have taken the initiative to establish the new norm in private education by continuous sterilization 24 hours 7 days a week for the safety of our students.”

Pathways Academy
Aaron Tan, Founder

“…we had much less complaints about smoke…during the day when we are open there is no smell…we found that non-smokers were able to enjoy the bar as much as smokers”

Novotel Yangon Max
Dan Smith, Residence Manager

“Since the implementation in all our rooms, we are very satisfied with the results. Medklinn provides clean and fresh air in a cost-effective way.”

Parkroyal Serviced Suites
TeeKay Goh, Director of Sales & Marketing

“…when you come into your room, there is no smell at all.”

Le Meridien
Gregory Gubiani, Taskforce General Manager

“After the installation, it helped us a lot. We don’t use chemical spray anymore, just to remove the odour.”

ED.JU Restaurant and Lounge
Chef Eddie

“Future patients would want to see doctors investing air sterilization equipment for them to feel safe before they receive treatment.”

The New Norm in the Dental Practice

“Within 3 months, the sick leave drop by 8%…another measurement after 12 months, the sick leave drop by 19%.”

Watson’s Malaysia
Serena Ng, HR Director

Our Corporate Clients

Our Medklinn Online Store remains operational during this full MCO/EMCO period. Showroom will be closed during this period.